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Honey Bee & Butterfly strips 

During our summer months our wild flower strips burst with colour and help to provide a nourishing ecosystem for all species we share our farm with. We selected a mix that provide a vital nectar source for Bees and other pollinating insects. Here’s a little more about them:


Phacelia & Crimson clover

Rapid growing, high biomass plants. Super Nitrogen fixers and weed suppressors. Producing pretty Purple and deep red elongated flowers that are particularly
good at attracting bees and other beneficial insects. A soil improving green manure.


A native wildflower producing distinguished Blue, White and Pink flowers. Once the flowers are over their seeds provide food for small mammals and birds such as Goldfinches.


Garden Zinnia

Not only are Zinnias bright and beautiful, they provide pollen and nectar in late summer when native sources are running low.

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