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Our Story

Wonderful fruit rich Cordials & Juices

Based in the heart of the Herefordshire countryside we at Pixley Berries can quench your thirst.


We live for the taste, flavour, aroma and colour derived from the fruits we squeeze and supply a naturally delicious Cordial which contains lashing of juice, sugar, and water. Nothing else.


Our range includes our beloved Blackcurrant made from our unique "Pixley Black" selected for fantastic flavour and the ability to withstand present changes to climate.

Our Philosophy

Our Environment

Here at Pixley Berries we treasure our surroundings and strive to do all we can to look after the environment.


We are increasingly conscious of the need to grow plants in a responsible way. Nettles and other wild plants are given the opportunity to prosper on our headlands, encouraging a natural habitat for butterflies, moths and their larvae. We’re always looking at sustainable practice and consider ourselves early adopters in this respect.


We carefully select our fruit growing sites, based on soil type, aspect, height above sea level and surrounding environmental features such as hedgerows and woodland reservoirs of insects and the natural ecology. Our blackcurrants particularly enjoy our deep rich silty clay loams associated with the old hop growing areas of Herefordshire, providing good reserves of moisture and nutrients during our drier summers.


We enjoy several hectares of ancient woodland, a number of old coppices and old orchards. Our old hedgerows are thriving with mature trees, oak, ash, thorn, cherry, field maple, willow and alder, and wild rose too. 

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