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Fillet of Venison 

FIllet of Venison.webp


Knob of butter

170 mls Pixley Berries Blackcurrant Cordial

125ml/4fl oz strong game or beef stock

1 tsp tomato puree

Ground black pepper


  • Cut the Venison into 10cm/4in discs and beat lightly with a rolling pin to flatten them.


  • Fry gently in butter for one minute or so on each side.


  • Pour in the Pixley Berries Blackcurrant Cordial.


  • Remove the venison from the pan, put into a serving dish and keep warm.


  • Pour the game or beef stock into the pan and let it bubble for two or three minutes.


  • Stir in the tomato puree and season well with pepper. At this stage the sauce may be a little thick, if this is the case add any juices that have seeped from the Venison.


  • Add a knob of butter to the sauce to make it rich and shiny.


  • Lastly, strain through a sieve over the venison.


  • Add warmed, fresh Blackcurrants to garnish.

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