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Our cordials are made with lashing of real "not from concentrate" fruit juice, sugar, water and nothing else. 


Our Blackcurrant cordial uses our own secret Blackcurrant variety "Pixley Black", which loves our weather and dark red Herefordshire soils. Gorgeously rich, boasting BIG fruit flavour and depth. 


6 x 500ml bottles/case 


One of your 5 a day 


Ingredients: Blackcurrant Juice 60%, Sugar, Water... and nothing else!


Nutrition: per 100ml diluted 1:5 with water: Energy 173Kj 41kcal: Protein trace: Carbohydrate 9.8g (of which sugar 9.8g): Fat Nil. 

Blackcurrant Cordial (6 x 500ml)

SKU: Blackcurrant
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