The Pixley Berries team is charged with developing fresh ingredients and new drinks.



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He's passionate about the environment and about creating juices with real flavour - the berry fruits, the pome fruits and now rhubarb. His forward thinking is also shown by the commissioning of his own 'Pressoir', the only blackcurrant grower in Britain to be entirely vertically integrated and in control of every element of his production, from the soil to shelf, bush to bottle.


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Quality Manager, Mary Haddock has undertaken five years of painstaking research work into choosing the ideal varietal; for each soil; each terroir. She still finds time to research the varieties and the bio-diversity within the plantations. And she studies the individual taste profiles of each blackcurrant varietal; she calls it 'organoleptic'


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Hannah is our company secretary, at the same time as keeping Edward under control and steadying the Pixley ship. Born and bred locally, her family grow hops, cider fruit, eggs, sheep and cobnuts, so her packed lunches tend to be healthy and colourful. She's a season ticket holder of Worcester Warriors (oblong ball-throwers), the highly under-rated side. During the season she has the most reliable tastebuds in the company.



Charlotte started at Pixley Berries in July 2017, working as part of the Technical team in the lab throughout our busiest months of the year. She makes sure the fruit production is of the highest standard, no exceptions! She has since joined the team in a part time capacity, she also happens to a musical extraordinaire and shares her skills with others as a woodwind instructor. 



Anna is our Managing Director at Pixley. She's been with us for 6 years and quite often takes Pixley on tour!  She run's the show stands so you are likely to see her out and about. 

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Alan is the master craftsman. He has designed the gentle process which delivers the fruity quality of the juices all the way through maceration in the big old Swiss Bucher press and in the natural filtration that follows. Alan and Mary together lead the development of new products, ably assisted by our in-house tasting team.



Calin is our Operations Manager. He knows the way to get the best drop of juice out of fruit and vegetables. He understands and implements our technology to keep us delivering quality juices every time! 



Rocky was born at Pixley and has been working at Pixley full-time since he was 16. He is married to Katie. Rocky leads a team of growers and harvesters through the vagaries of the Herefordshire weather to deliver fruit at full maturity, ripened in the open sun. He is a great countryman.

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Portuguese born 'Milky' has been with Pixley Berries since 2004 as Store Manager, locals to the area may have spotted him on the road in the branded Pixley mobile! In his spare time dare devil Amilcar enjoys motor cross. A true Pixley legend!