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Blackcurrant Mess

eaton mess - p black.jpg

Serves 4

450g/1lb blackcurrants
2tbsp icing sugar
1tbsp water
8 meringue nests – whatever flavour you fancy
200ml/7floz double cream
200ml/7floz extra thick double cream
200ml/7floz crème fraiche
200ml/7floz clotted cream



  • Put half the blackcurrants into a pan with the icing sugar and water, bring to the boil and simmer for 5-8 minutes until cooked through and soft.


  • Pass through a sieve into a clean pan and bring back to the boil, then take off the heat and put half to one side. Pour the rest over the remaining blackcurrants in a bowl and set aside to cool.


  • Mix all the creams together until thickened then add a couple of spoonful's of the reserved sauce and ripple through the cream. Crush the meringues lightly into pieces.

  • Layer the fruit, the meringues, the cream mixture and the sauce in a tall glass and serve.

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