Blackcurrant Juice (12 x 250ml)

Blackcurrant Juice (12 x 250ml)

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A lip smacking juice which uses succulent Pixley Black Blackcurrants, picked and pressed on the farm in Herefordshire. 

Full bodied with complex flavours, this dark juice delivers a sharp punch to the taste buds.

never from concentrate. 

free from additives and preservatives. 


Sold in cases of 12 x 250ml

Typical composition 100ml contains 250ml bottle contains
Energy: 262 kJ 655 kJ
  61 kcal 153 kcal
Fat: nil g nil g
          of which saturates: nil g nil g
Carbohydrate: 12 g 30.0 g
          of which sugars: 12 g 30.0 g
Fibre: trace   trace  
Protein: trace   trace  
Salt: 2 mg 5 mg